Art Heals!


I volunteer at Gabriel House of Care working with transplant and cancer patients and their carers. Every two weeks we meet up under the auspices of a painting class. We get in the thick of canvases, paints, palettes and brushes and we make something beautiful.  However the real beauty is in the smiles and camaraderie that develops around the art table. Everyone gets to forget their next treatment or their loved one's prognosis for a couple of hours.  We work in a classroom environment where timers go off when medication is due, participants' equipment beep and chatter, surgical masks are often on show and walkers or wheelchairs lie lazily beside our chairs. But no-one really notices!   We are here to heal, week in and week out, as our 'artists' go through their lengthy programs towards recovery. Everyone develops their signature style over time. This week we painted spring flowers and you can see Diane's tulip head used here to showcase this blog on Healing Art. It is full of light, hope and inspiration.  It is art at its very best when it is healing. See if you can spot Diane's other paintings by recognizing her signature style.

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